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Normale Version: Samsung SSD as boot drive
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Hello everyone,

"Ok so awhile back i installed windows 10 on my samsung evo ssd and i couldnt figure out how to do it from booting it so i installed it on the ssd from my other HD through windows. I Just had some trouble with my computer it wouldnt boot so i tried a few different things. I disabled all my drives but my SSD and tried to start it up but it says no drives detected. Long story short i ended up enabling my other drives again and restarting and things worked.... turned out the problem was i had an external drive plugged in and on, some how that screwed it up, unplugged it everything went good.

My question.. why doesnt my computer recognize my samsung hd without the other drives enabled.....

I know that sounds bizarre but it also brings me to a screen every time i start up to choose my operating system from drive a or drive b. i always select my SSD.. any ideas?

thanks in advance."

Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated,


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